Mike Walters is the Chief HR Officer for all US SGP companies, including the BJM firms. Mike has an extensive background in Human Resource Management, Recruiting, and Team and Staff Development with startups and major international companies. Mike worked as an investment banker, where he was responsible for developing, managing, and leading teams for startups and mid-sized companies. He also has worked for many Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies and the Federal Government, leading project-based technical staffing and HR management teams.

In 2004 when Mike was with Microsoft, he developed best practices for a new innovative sourcing team that first utilized social media to find and recruit top talent. He was the Lead recruiter and HR manager for Motorola’s cell phone chip division. Mike’s recruiting success included recruiting and vetting Executives for all sizes of organizations. His expedience included recruiting nuclear, electrical, computer, and mechanical engineers for the US Department of Energy and securing executive and partner-level positions and Senior Technical Consulting positions while working with Deloitte.

Mike’s initial challenges with Team SGP will be implementing the Human Resources department system-wide and developing and managing the HR systems and standardizing HR processes across all SGP and BJM businesses. Additionally, he ensures that all SGP companies are compliant with appropriate labor regulations. Mike, as CEO of SGP HR Inc., will lead the team that will market HR-related services to BJM clients and to will utilize HR technology support to generate new business for our firms.

Mike will also lead efforts to recruit new team members to the underlying companies as the CEO of SGP Professionals, the internal and external recruiting arm of SGP, and Professional Consulting Services for the BJM firms.